About Me

Born and raised in the sunny seaside town of Eastbourne,  I tried living inland for a short spell whilst at university in South London, but always found myself pining for the sea and ended up living in Brighton for ten years before moving back home to the Sunshine Coast in 2010.

Since graduating with a first class degree in Education Studies (with Drama and Theatre Studies), my career has mainly involved books in some way - first as a bookseller for a couple of Waterstone's branches, then as a publicist for several very different publishing companies - Frances Lincoln and Orion in London, John Wiley in Chichester and GMC in Lewes. For a little while I was a Director of a start-up social media agency, from where I hopped to a social media role at The Body Shop. I'm currently taking a break from the office to raise two kids.

This blog used to be about my favourite pursuits - going to gigs, festivals and alternative club and cabaret nights, doing pub quiz, belting out a tune, cycling or walking in the countryside, throwing fabulous theatrical soirees, pointing my camera at anyone or anything that excited me, travelling to new and unusual places, or concocting new trifle combinations with which to delight my friends at dinner parties. These days I am exploring the subject of adoptive parenthood and the new types of adventures it brings.

I have two eccentric cat and a very clever husband, who is largely responsible for my transformation from relative technophobe to total girl geek over the last few years. I'm still way cooler than him, though.

I've been blogging for nearly ten years and it is primarily a self-discipline exercise to keep me writing regularly. I write about whatever interests or inspires me at the time - books, music, films, people, travel, events and random happenings. It's also another place for me to show off my photography.

I call it 'Breakfast In Bed' because that is one of my favourite weekend indulgences, and seemed to sum up the spirit of what I originally wanted to write about - namely life's little extravagances and adventures. It's also the title of one of my favourite songs, which was recorded by reggae singer Lorna Bennett as well as Sixties starlet Dusty Springfield.

You will find me elsewhere on the web under my Rowstar alias - come on over and say hello:

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